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If you are hunting for a premier Domain Name Registration Company in Chandigarh fully endowed with the most affordable, super-fast services, you ought to go for ‘Super IT Hub’, a Company that is working in its ‘self-created niche’ benefitting its clients greatly. The best part is that you need not go web-trotting for domain name registry; we, an Indian Website Name Booking Company are here and would help you whenever you need us. As our privileged customer, you are invited to keep in touch with us online, & FIND A GREAT DOMAIN WITH US!

Some of the features that you might avail of include:

  • Domain Name Suggestion Service: Optimized and well-meaning list of content helping your customer explore all the ways they could ever ask for, to describe their website or online service in its true fervor! We amplify the registration potential with multilingual and more, Top Level Domain (TLD) options.
  • Premium Domain Name: Are you on a lookout for that perfect domain name to represent your brand online? If the answer is yes, you are talking about Premium Domain Names. What it means is that Premium domains are short and sweet, catchy and easily remembered, composed out of simple key words and can be searched easily. We are here to assist you as regards to this.
  • Domain Registration Service: We offer a full-suite of domain services, including domain registrations, domain name transfers, domain name renewal, and domain expiration protection along with domain privacy services. Also, we proffer domain names with (.com, .in, .net and other TLD) domains on the salver.

These are the features which are free with every Domain Name:

  • Get a FREE Email Account: Avail uninterrupted email service with your own 2 GB personalized email account. You also get fraud protection, spam prevention and virus protection for FREE. Point to be noted: A professional email address associated with your domain allows your business to present a professional image to customers.
  • Domain Theft Protection: It has become a necessity to lock your domain name, so that your domain does not get transferred out accidentally, without your permission. It makes sure that your domain name remains safe from illegal domain name transfers. Enabling Theft Protection service on your domain name will result in a Transfer Away Request for this domain name to another Registrar to fail at the Registry itself.
  • Unlimited Mail Forwards: Create email forwards that redirect to existing email accounts. To manage the email forwarding accounts, an easy to use service like web interface through cPanel would be a better option that is on offer.
  • Domain Forwarding: Simply put, you might automatically direct your domain name\’s visitors to a different website altogether using Domain name forwarding. (With or without domain masking). If you want to avail masking service, it might keep visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser\’s address bar. Ask us, we would configure this service and make it available for you.
  • Privacy ProtectTIRED OF SPAM? HERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL THAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU! We present one special characteristic that would help protect your Inbox from any and every kind of online threat. Safeguard your personal information being displayed at WHOIS to protect the information from spammers, data harvesters etc.
  • Easy to use Control Panel: You can make effective use of our intuitive Control Panel to manage your domain name, register and renew your domain name, and buy more services. We have an inbuilt feature in the form of our new Control Panel from ground up, which means that it is much faster in operation.
  • DNS Management: This process is done to control Domain Name System (DNS) server clusters. DNS data is normally deployed on multiple physical servers. The main purposes why DNS management is required are validation, automation of DNS data, editing complex and repetitive DNS data, tracing your website location & email tracking.
  • Bulk Tools: Numerous tools to register, renew, transfer and make other changes to multiple Domain Names in a few clicks or just one single step!

Don’t just search! Search smartly. Choose the most relevant Domain name & bask in the sunshine!